Help and Support

When you arrive, you'll be assigned a Mentor (a Portuguese student from Técnico) that will help you during your stay!

Great Venue

Lisbon is an amazing city and we're thrilled to welcome you! Come and explore all these beautiful places!

Get Connected

You'll get the chance to know the different students' associations at Técnico and even collaborate with them!


Get to know the Portuguese nightlife in Lisbon's finest clubs and enjoy it along with all the other mobility students!

Get Involved, Get In Touch and Join Us!

The Orientation Week is an ideal opportunity to get to know Técnico and Lisbon!

Find Your Day

During this week, the Reception Days are divided by degrees so all incoming international students are encouraged to come according to their course’s day so they can meet new classmates.

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The students from Industrial Engineering and Management (MEGI) have their own schedule, on friday the 26th during the Taguspark welcome session.

Reception Days

During this week, the Student Support Unit (NAPE) and the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI) will welcome you to Técnico!

From monday to thursday zoom meetings will be hosted in a morning and afternoon schedule. There, you will be able to meet your Mentor, as well as some fellow colleagues.

Your processing of your enrollment will be done via e-mail with the staff from the Mobility and International Cooperation Office, who will be available to help you during this week, namely give you information about the registration for the Portuguese course, meetings with the course coordinators and also changes to your study plan.

Also, the staff from the Student Support Unit will be available to help you with any problem you may have during your first days in Lisbon (e.g. help with the courses registration and timetable, finding a room/flat, etc.)

Mentoring Programme

Implemented with the support of older students (Mentors) who welcome and support new students (Mentees) in order to facilitate their integration.

You'll be assigned a Mentor who will be available to help you during your entire stay in Lisbon - don't hesitate to get in touch whenever you need!

Welcome Ceremony

On the Welcome Session you’ll be officially welcomed by the Vice-President of the International Area, the Mobility and International Cooperation Office, and the NAPE Team. This is an enrollment celebratory event for new international students, so you are all highly encouraged to participate. Afterwards, you will be divided by your degree, according to this document.

Culture Clash

This workshop will be very helpful for you to get to know the Portuguese culture and to learn more about Fénix, our Técnico online platform. If you are having troubles, bring your laptop and join us!

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Our TeamMeet the team behind the Orientation Week 2020/21 Spring Semester!


Student Support Unit - NAPE

Instituto Superior Técnico, Alameda Campus

Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1, 1049-001 Lisboa

(+351) 218 417 251

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